Missing All/Most Teeth

Missing All/Most Teeth

Restore All of Your Teeth With Dental Implants

When there is a mouthful of failing teeth or missing teeth, implant dentistry is simply the optimal choice. It is considered the “standard of care” for tooth replacement.

When a person has no teeth, there are no tooth roots in the jawbone to stimulate bone growth so the body senses the jawbone is no longer necessary and begins to dissolve it away. This results in facial collapse.  It often becomes difficult to wear a denture because there is little bone left to support it. In addition, as the bone melts away, facial muscles migrate, or pull back from their natural position. Lips cave in as they lose support. This causes the lower face to shrivel up to create a witches chin, and wrinkles around the mouth, known as marionette lines, increase dramatically. This makes a person look much older; up to 20 to 25 years older! And if that isn’t enough, complete tooth loss and the deterioration of the jaws can result in significant health problems relating to improper digestion, compromised eating habits and inflammation brought on by gum disease.

What Are Your Options:

Removable Options

Denture or denture-like removable prosthesis are almost always the least expensive options.  The removable nature of these prosthesis allow it to be made with acrylics and other materials that are less expensive.  This doesn't mean that they don't function well.  An implant supported removable prosthesis can be designed to be very stable and function exquisitely.  These are great options for patients on a budget who are comfortable taking their teeth out at night to clean them.

  • PRIB (Patient Removable Implant Bridge)
    • 5-6 implants placed on the upper
    • Acrylic denture made to snap onto implants for a very firm hold
  • Implant Supported Lower Denture
    • 2-5 implants placed on the lower jaw
    • Existing denture can be retrofitted to snap onto implants

Fixed Options

For patients who want the best.  Fixed prostheses are specifically designed for people with failing teeth, no teeth, those currently wearing dentures, and those in need of full upper and/or lower restorations. Fixed prosthesis do not come in or out and best recreate the bite and feel of natural teeth.   In most cases, you can be eating and drinking – things you never could before – as soon as you leave the dental chair.

With the All on X Digitally Guided Implant Supported Prosthesis you can walk out of the dental office with a full set of implant supported teeth on the same day as your surgery.  When you factor in each implant, related materials, the procedure, follow-up visits, and excessive healing time.  It saves time. It reduces anxiety. And it reduces healing time.

Qualified patients receive as few as four implants (remember, traditional procedures require 6-8 or more) and a full set of new implant-supported replacement teeth per arch, usually in just one clinical appointment. The major benefit to the All on X procedure is how quickly dentures can be replaced with permanent implants and fixed, non-removable new replacement teeth. This efficiency saves time and money and offers minimal discomfort, giving you even more to smile about.

More information on Fixed Options

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